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  • After 6 years, Ambleside at Skylark has grown into a strong, vibrant community with a K-Ready program, Kindergarten - Eighth grade and an Arrowsmith program for students with learning difficulties. Thanks to the generosity of countless parents, faculty, staff and friends who have contributed resources, children throughout the Roaring Fork Valley have experienced this extraordinary education. Now it is time for our community to step forward and support the school to put down permanent roots.

    Ambleside at Skylark is at an exciting and important juncture. For the past 6 years, we have rented classrooms from Mountain View Church in Glenwood Springs with significant growth in enrollment. Purchasing a campus of our own will provide a permanent facility for our children and for generations to come to continue to have access to this one of a kind education! The vision of an expanded campus increases our ability to reach more students and impact more families in the Western Slope of Colorado. We love our community and are so excited to be expanding our influence in the private sector.


Soaring Higher Through Faith

Campaign Vision

  • Ambleside at Skylark has a vision to see generations of children come to know not just education, but to know the power they possess through a living education. It is our goal to aid parents in the upbringing of their children with the knowledge of Christian truth and understanding of God’s ways, in the hope of lifelong, faithful and thoughtful service. In doing so, we endeavor to grow them in grace and humility, rightly discerning truth in all endeavors of their existence. Children are not merely people we seek to just educate but to view as a whole person, created by God to have success in life through the foundation of education.

Our Journey

  • In 2014, because of the heart of a couple and the vision of two families, Mountain View Church of Glenwood Springs became the first facility to house our school. Through the growing partnership with families and community members we are providing a living education for children all across the Western Slope of Colorado.

    In 2016, to bring an increased value and more educational opportunities to our school, we partnered with the Arrowsmith School in Toronto, Canada to provide a program specifically for children with learning difficulties.

List of Donors

    • Anonymous

    • Anonymous

    • Leo Barnes
    • Chris and Nicole Wenger
    • Joel and Holly Dickens
    • Jill Cantaway and Chad Lee

    • David and Betty Wenger
    • Debbie and Hank Vernell
    • John and Lin Benzel

    • Charles and Heidi Kimmel
    • Jessica Roberts
    • Rosella Leety
    • Tom and Janet Westcott
    • Daniel and Amy Self
    • Jenn Zwickl

    Ambleside at Skylark is creating an enriching and vibrant environment to provide a living education where our children flourish. By endeavoring to grow our faith and enrich our children, both current and future, we are building a foundation for the children of our community.

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    • I asked my son how his day at school was today, he replied, “Wonderful!”…

      – Ambleside at Skylark Parent

    • “This is our first year with our children at the school and it has been a pure joy to see them grow and develop in so many ways. They amaze us daily by reciting so many texts, by singing all the beautiful songs they learn throughout the week, and by…

      – Ambleside at Skylark Parent

    • We have watched our children blossom in their time at Ambleside. Struggle has been a part of the growth, whether remembering the details of a narration or where to correctly place their bow on the violin. But through these struggles, they are learning habits and life skills to problem solve…

      – Ambleside at Skylark Parent

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